python Namespace Reference

This is the fake namespace of all opals Python package scripts. More...


namespace  _bounds
 _bounds uses module Bounds to derive the planar outline of a point cloud
namespace  _export
 This script exports a list of ODM strips into a single file or a set of output files.
namespace  _grid
 this function is called when _grid is called directly
namespace  _import
 _import invokes module Import
namespace  _overlap
 _overlap invokes module Overlap
namespace  _setCRS
 set CRS and print out CRS information to or from ODM or GDAL dataset
namespace  _validateCRS
 validate given CRS string and try fix whenever possible.
namespace  _writeQgisProj
 Creates a QGIS project file from a directory structure.
namespace  analyzeDEM
 Analyzes a Digital Terrain Model (distribution of elevation,slope, exposition, curvature and openness).
namespace  clfTreeModelApply
 Classifies a list of point cloud files based on a given decision tree model.
namespace  clfTreeModelTrain
 Trains a supervised decision tree based classification model.
namespace  forBiomass
 forBiomass calculates and validates parameters that can be used for estimating forest biomass.
namespace  forCrownCoverage
 Calculates the crown coverage for a triplet of trees.
namespace  forDelineation
 Derives forest boundaries from topographic models (DTM, DSM, ...) based on a specific forest definition.
namespace  forDSM
 Calculates a DSM for forested areas using the landcover dependent approach of Hollaus et al, 2010.
namespace  forTopHeight
 Calculates statistical measures (mean,, ...) for the 100 highest points within specific AOIs.
namespace  forTreeDetection
namespace  grfApprox
 brief Computes a best fitting affine transformation for overlapping (strip) DEMs using Least Squares Matching.
namespace  grfExport
 Exports data considering previously computed transformations.
namespace  opalsForest
 Package script providing a set of forestry related tools.
namespace  opalsGeoref
 Package script providing tools for geo-referencing and co-registration of ALS flight strips.
namespace  opalsPreprocess
 Package script providing tools for preprocessing of ALS data.
namespace  opalsQuality
 Package script providing a complete processing cahain for quality assessment of ALS flight strips.
namespace  preAttribute
 Computes a set attributes for a list of point cloud files.
namespace  preCalcFootprint
 Calculates the axes of the laser footprint on the target using a trigonometric approach.
namespace  preCutting
 Cuts an ODM/Raster file using one or more polygons of a shape file.
namespace  preOutlierDetection
 Detects and classifies outliers within a point cloud.
namespace  preTileManager
 Provides multiple stratagies for tiling of large datasets.
namespace  preTiling
 Tesselates a (flight) block into tiles of equal size.
namespace  pyDM
 Python bindings pyDM of the OPALS Datamanager.
namespace  qltDensity
 Derives point density maps (color coded raster maps) for a set of ALS strips.
namespace  qltDSM
 Derives surface models, shaded relief maps, and color coded hypsometric maps for a set of ALS strips.
namespace  qltLSM
 Calculates best fitting 3d-affine transformations between overlapping strip pairs.
namespace  qltStripDiff
 Derives relative strip difference maps (color coded raster maps) for a set of overlapping strip pairs.
namespace  runStripAdjust
 runStripAdjust serves as a template for running Module stripAdjust using the OPALS Python bindings.

Detailed Description

This is the fake namespace of all opals Python package scripts.

Actually, opals Python package scripts are not part of any Python package, but they belong to the global namespace. The Python bindings for opals modules belong to namespace 'opals'