Licensing policy

OPALS aims at providing a complete processing chain for large ALS projects for scientific and commercial users. For testing and small scientific studies, a full featured version of OPALS with a built-in maximum point limit of 1 Mio ALS points is available free of charge. The free version is for private, non-commercial use only. For any other use, a license must be obtained.

Commercial license

If you want to test OPALS for processing LiDAR data with an unlimited number of points, we generally provide a full featured 4-week test license. For enduring use in an commercial or governmental environment a license has to be obtained. Just send an email to the OPALS team for obtaining a test license and for pricing information.

Academic license

The terms for using OPALS within an academic environment for projects and/or teaching are similar to those of commercial licenses, but we give an academia discount of 40% to the full price. If OPALS should be used for teaching purposes in a classroom, we provide additional timely limited licenses free of charge.

Contributors license

GEO appreciates collaborations with external scientific as well as non-scientific institutions. The terms and conditions can be found here. For further information please contact the OPALS team.

Personal scientific license

The TU Wien, Department of Geodesy and Geoinformation (GEO) is willing to support all students working in laser scanning and point cloud processing in their scientific work by providing a full OPALS license for the duration of their thesis subject to the following terms and conditions. Please contact the OPALS team for further information or just send us the filled out and signed proposal.

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