Detailed List of OPALS Modules
Detailed list of modules
Module Description
AddInfo Inserts or updates ODM attributes by combining existing attributes and/or grid models.
Algebra Provides a generic raster algebra calculator featuring mathematical, statistical and conditional operators.
Bounds Derives and stores the 2D boundary polygon of a region covered by the point data of an ODM or the valid pixels of a raster.
Cell Calculates statistical features of user defined attributes and stores them as raster models or rasterized point clouds.
Contouring Derives the contour of foreground objects of a raster model and exports the results as a polygon shape file.
Convolution Performs convolutional filtering operations on a raster image.
DBH Estimate the Diameter at Breast Height (DBH) based on 3D point cloud data (ODM).
DSM Calculates a land cover dependent DSM raster model based on the approach of Hollaus et. al. (2010).
DTM Calculates a high quality Digital Terrain Model in hybrid grid structure (i.e. regular grid + structure lines).
Diff Calculates a difference grid model based on either two grids or a one grid and a horizontal reference plane.
DirectGeoref Transforms points from scanner coordinates into geo-referenced coordinates by applying the sensor model (flight trajectory, mounting parameters).
EchoRatio Derives and stores the echo ratio (ER) attribute for points of an OPALS data manager.
EdgeDetect Provides different raster based edge detection algorithms (e.g. Canny).
Export Exports vector data stored in an OPALS data manager (ODM) in various data formats.
FillGaps Detects gaps (i.e. void pixels) in raster models and provides several interpolation methods to close them.
Fullwave Performs decomposition of the full waveform signal and provides 3D coordinates (scanner system) and additional attributes for each return.
GeorefApprox Improves the geo-referencing of an ALS flight block based on pairwise affine strip transformations (cf. Module LSM).
Grid Derives a 2.5D digital elevation models (DEM) in regular grid structure using simple interpolation techniques.
GridFeature Derives feature models (slope, curvature, roughness, etc.) from grid models based on the local grid neighbourhood defined by a kernel.
Histo Derives histograms and descriptive statistics (min, max, mean, r.m.s, etc.) for ODM or grid/raster data sets and stores the results graphically (SVG) and numerically (XML).
ICP Performs orientation (co-registration) of multiple point cloud datasets using the Iterative Closest Point algorithm.
Import Loads vector and raster data into an ODM for subsequent use in modules dealing with point cloud and line related data.
Info Extracts and reports header information of a vector or raster file (ODM, GDAL).
Isolines Derives contour lines (isolines) from grid models and stores them as a vector dataset.
LSM Estimates an affine 3D transformation to align overlapping ALS strip DEMs using Least Squares Matching.
LineModeler Models 3D structure lines based on a point cloud (ODM) and 2D line approximations.
LineTopology Provides different line merging and topology correction tools for cleaning line networks derived via automatic edge detection.
Morph Applies morphological operations (opening, closing, erosion, dilation) on raster datasets.
Normals Estimates local surface normal vectors for each point of a specific point cloud (ODM).
Openness Provides a raster map of local viewsheds (i.e. openness) based on a DTM grid model.
Overlap Analyses a set of strip boundaries and determines all overlapping strip pairs.
PointStats Derives and stores statistical parameters describing the local distribution of a point attribute for each point of an ODM.
Query Interpolates height or attribute values for arbitrary 2D geometries based on either point clouds (not yet implemented) or grids.
RadioCal Performs radiometric calibration of ALS data and calculates physical quantities (backscatter cross section/coefficient, reflectance) for each return.
Rasterize Performs vector-to-raster conversion for all types of simple feature geometries (points, lines, polygons).
RobFilter Classification points into terrain and off-terrain using robust interpolation.
Section Extracts sections of user defined width/length along a specified reference axis from a point cloud (ODM).
Segmentation Provides methods for point cloud segmentation based on local homogeneity using either a generic region growing approach or an adapted region growing for plane extraction.
Shade Derives shaded relief raster maps (geo-coded hill shading) of DEM grids.
Simplify Analyses a regular or hybrid grid model and generates an approximating TIN surface based on a coarse-to-fine approach.
Snellius Performs range and refraction corrections of raw laser bathymetry measurements according to Snell's law.
StatFilter Performs statistical filtering of raster datasets with a sliding kernel of arbitrary shape and size.
StripAdjust Improves the geo-referencing of ALS data and aerial images in a rigorous way combining strip adjustment and aerial triangulation.
TIN Creates a TIN surface from ODM vector data based on a 2D constrained Delaunay triangulation.
TerrainFilter Classifies a 3D point cloud (ODM) into terrain and off-terrain points.
TerrainMask Identifies open terrain parts of a DSM input raster using the volume based approach by Piltz et al. (2016).
Translate Performs format conversion for vector data files with additional read support of GDAL rasters.
Vectorize Performs raster-to-vector conversion and exports polyline geometries.
View Provides an interactive 3d viewer for points (including arbitrary attributes) and lines.
ZColor Derives color coded visualizations of grid models and stores them as geo-coded raster images.

Fits geometry models to a set of data points for multiple regions-of-interest.