StatFeature Class Reference


struct  Type
 Enumeration defining different cell feature types (used by opalsCell) More...

Public Member Functions

 StatFeature (Type::Enum type)
 StatFeature (Type::Enum type, unsigned n)
 only for nmin and nmax
 StatFeature (Type::Enum type, double value)
 only for quantile, minority and majority
Type::Enum e_getFeatureType () const
unsigned u_getN () const
double d_getP () const
double d_getBinWidth () const
void v_setFeatureType (const Type::Enum &Ire_featureType)
void v_setN (const unsigned &Iru_n)
void v_setP (const double &Ird_p)
void v_setBinWidth (const double &Ird_binWidth)
unsigned u_minNumberOfElement () const
 returns minimum number of elements needed to be computable