StemEntry Class Reference

A stem entry object represents the results of a single model fit. More...

#include "StemModel.hpp"

Public Member Functions

void reset ()
bool isSetTraceId () const
bool isSetPointX () const
bool isSetPointY () const
bool isSetPointZ () const
bool isSetAxisX () const
bool isSetAxisY () const
bool isSetAxisZ () const
bool isSetRadius () const
bool isSetConvergenceAngle () const
bool isSetRadialDeviation () const
bool isSetOffsetX () const
bool isSetOffsetY () const
bool isSetOffsetZ () const
bool isSetDeltaRadius () const
bool isSetNrObs () const
bool isSetNrUsed () const
bool isSetRedundancy () const
bool isSetFittingType () const
int64_t getTraceId () const
Array< double, 3 > getPoint () const
double getPointX () const
double getPointY () const
double getPointZ () const
Array< double, 3 > getAxis () const
double getAxisX () const
double getAxisY () const
double getAxisZ () const
double getRadius () const
double getConvergenceAngle () const
double getRadialDeviation () const
Array< double, 3 > getOffset () const
double getOffsetX () const
double getOffsetY () const
double getOffsetZ () const
double getDeltaRadius () const
unsigned getNrObs () const
unsigned getNrUsed () const
unsigned getRedundancy () const
DBHModel getFittingType () const
void setTraceId (const int64_t &id)
void setPoint (const double &x, const double &y, const double &z)
void setPointX (const double &x)
void setPointY (const double &y)
void setPointZ (const double &z)
void setAxis (const double &ax, const double &ay, const double &az)
void setAxisX (const double &ax)
void setAxisY (const double &ay)
void setAxisZ (const double &az)
void setRadius (const double &r)
void setConvergenceAngle (const double &angle)
void setRadialDeviation (const double &d)
void setOffset (const double &ox, const double &oy, const double &oz)
void setOffsetX (const double &ox)
void setOffsetY (const double &oy)
void setOffsetZ (const double &oz)
void setDeltaRadius (const double &dr)
void setNrObs (const unsigned &nObs)
void setNrUsed (const unsigned &nUsed)
void setRedundancy (const unsigned &red)
void setFittingType (const DBHModel &t)
String logStemEntry () const
 for xml output

Protected Attributes

int64_t _traceId
double _ptX
double _ptY
double _ptZ
double _axisX
double _axisY
double _axisZ
double _radius
double _convergenceAngle
double _radialDev
double _offsetX
double _offsetY
double _offsetZ
double _deltaRadius
unsigned _nObs
unsigned _nUsed
unsigned _redundancy
DBHModel _fittingType

Detailed Description

A stem entry object represents the results of a single model fit.

ModuleDBH fits a cylinder or a cone to points of a stem sections and stores the within this class. Following parameters are stored in the object:

  • traceId of the current fit: 0 for initial fit, positive numbers while forward tracing and negative numbers while backward tracing)
  • point coordinates of representative adjusted point
  • adjusted axis vector
  • adjusted radius at the representative point
  • convergence angle which is only set for cone fits: it is the angle between the cone generatrix and the cone axis. The value is set positive if the cone radius is decreasing when advancing in axis direction and negative if it is increasing.
  • radial deviation based on inlier points
  • offset vector from the approximate point to the adjusted axis
  • delta radius: correction of approximate radius value
  • redundancy of adjustment
  • nObs : number of adjustment observations
  • nUsed : number of used inlier observations
  • model fitting type : cone or cylinder