TrafPars3dAffine Class Reference

#include "TrafPars3dAffine.hpp"

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Public Types

typedef Array< double, 3 > ArrayD3
 point coordinate array
typedef Array< double, 12 > ArrayD12
 transformation parameters array
typedef Array< double, 144 > ArrayD144
 QXX matrix array.

Public Member Functions


processing mode (local, continuous, global)

See also
void setProcMode (const LSMProcMode &mode)
const LSMProcModegetProcMode () const

(alpha-numerical) grid ID of movable dataset

void setIdGridMov (const String &id)
const StringgetIdGridMov () const

(alpha-numerical) grid ID of fixed dataset

void setIdGridFix (const String &id)
const StringgetIdGridFix () const

coordinates of reference point of movable dataset

void setRefPointMov (const ArrayD3 &refPt)
const ArrayD3getRefPointMov () const

coordinates of (optional) reference point of fixed dataset

void setRefPointFix (const ArrayD3 &refPt)
const ArrayD3getRefPointFix () const

transformation parameters arrray

void setTrafPars (const ArrayD12 &trfPars)
const ArrayD12getTrafPars () const

\(Q_{xx}\) maxtrix array (12*12)

void setQxx (const ArrayD144 &myQxx)
const ArrayD144getQxx () const

\(\sigma_0\) of traf pars estimation

void setSigma0 (const double &sig0)
const double & getSigma0 () const

number of observations used for traf pars estimation

void setNrObs (const unsigned &nob)
const unsigned & getNrObs () const

whether the parameter denotes a relative transformation between two strips

bool relativeTrafo () const

Static Public Member Functions

static bool exportsPythonType ()
static const char * help (bool)
static const char * syntax ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CustomOptionType< TrafPars3dAffine >
static const char * _help (bool forDoxygen)
 get general help on this type
static const char * _syntax ()
 get the syntax used for parsing this type
static bool _exportsPythonType ()
 returns true if this type is exposed to Python as a custom type, false otherwise (if it is represented as Python-string)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from CustomOptionType< TrafPars3dAffine >
 ~CustomOptionType ()
 protected, must be derived from

Detailed Description

This class contains the transformation parameters of an affine 3D (i.e. 12-parameter) transformation, given as 12-array trafPars ( \(tp\)), representing the affine transformation matrix A and the translation vector t

\[ A = \begin{pmatrix} tp_1 & tp_2 & tp_3 \\ tp_5 & tp_6 & tp_7 \\ tp_9 & tp_{10} & tp_{11} \end{pmatrix} \]

\[ t = \begin{pmatrix} tp_4 \\ tp_8 \\ tp_{12} \end{pmatrix} \]

The transformation is defined as follows:

\[ y = A(x-x_0) + t + x_0 \]


\[ \begin{matrix} y & \ldots & \text{point in destination ("fix") system} \\ x & \ldots & \text{point in source ("mov") system} \\ x_0 & \ldots & \text{source system's reference point (reduction point; refPointMov)} \\ \end{matrix} \]

The 144-array \(q_{xx}\) contains the \(Q_{xx}\) matrix of trafPars:

\[ Q_{xx} = \begin{pmatrix} q_{1 }(a_{1,1},a_{1,1}) & q_{2 }(a_{1,1},a_{1,2}) & q_{3 }(a_{1,1},a_{1,3}) & q_{4 }(a_{1,1},t_1) & q_{5 }(a_{1,1},a_{2,1}) & \ldots & q_{12 }(a_{1,1},t_3) \\ q_{13 }(a_{1,2},a_{1,1}) & q_{14 }(a_{1,2},a_{1,2}) & q_{15 }(a_{1,2},a_{1,3}) & q_{16 }(a_{1,2},t_1) & q_{17 }(a_{1,2},a_{2,1}) & \ldots & q_{24 }(a_{1,2},t_3) \\ q_{25 }(a_{1,3},a_{1,1}) & q_{26 }(a_{1,3},a_{1,2}) & q_{27 }(a_{1,3},a_{1,3}) & q_{28 }(a_{1,3},t_1) & q_{29 }(a_{1,3},a_{2,1}) & \ldots & q_{36 }(a_{1,3},t_3) \\ q_{37 }(t_{1 },a_{1,1}) & q_{38 }(t_{1 },a_{1,2}) & q_{39 }(t_{1 },a_{1,3}) & q_{40 }(t_{1 },t_1) & q_{41 }(t_{1 },a_{2,1}) & \ldots & q_{48 }(t_{1 },t_3) \\ q_{49 }(a_{2,1},a_{1,1}) & q_{50 }(a_{2,1},a_{1,2}) & q_{51 }(a_{2,1},a_{1,3}) & q_{52 }(a_{2,1},t_1) & q_{53 }(a_{2,1},a_{2,1}) & \ldots & q_{60 }(a_{2,1},t_3) \\ \vdots & \vdots & \vdots & \vdots & \vdots & \ddots & \vdots \\ q_{133}(t_{3 },a_{1,1}) & q_{134}(t_{3 },a_{1,2}) & q_{135}(t_{3 },a_{1,3}) & q_{136}(t_{3 },t_1) & q_{137}(t_{3 },a_{2,1}) & \ldots & q_{144}(t_{3 },t_3) \\ \end{pmatrix} \]


Describes a relative or absolute 3D-affine transformation.

Member Function Documentation

◆ relativeTrafo()

bool relativeTrafo ( ) const

TrafPars3dAffine can either be used to specify the best fitting transformation between to overlapping ALS strips or in a global sense (after strip adjustment) The (optional) members s_idGridFix/refPointFix are used to communicate information about the strip used for the traf pars estimation. No such info is provided in case of global transformation parameters.