StemModel Class Reference

#include "StemModel.hpp"

+ Inheritance diagram for StemModel:

Public Types

typedef Vector< StemEntryEntryVector

Public Member Functions

void reset ()
bool isSetStemId () const
bool isSetEntries () const
bool isSetTransferInfo () const
bool isSetDataFilter () const
int64_t getStemId () const
EntryVector getEntries () const
DM::AddInfoHandle getTransferInfo () const
DM::FilterHandle getDataFilter () const
void setStemId (const int64_t &id)
void setEntries (const EntryVector &entries)
void setTransferInfo (const DM::AddInfoHandle &info)
void setDataFilter (const DM::FilterHandle &filter)
void setData (const int64_t &id, const StemEntry &entry, const DM::AddInfoHandle &info=DM::AddInfoHandle())
String logStemModel () const
 for xml output

Static Public Member Functions

static bool exportsPythonType ()
static const char * help (bool)
static const char * syntax ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CustomOptionType< StemModel >
static const char * _help (bool forDoxygen)
 get general help on this type
static const char * _syntax ()
 get the syntax used for parsing this type
static bool _exportsPythonType ()
 returns true if this type is exposed to Python as a custom type, false otherwise (if it is represented as Python-string)

Protected Attributes

int64_t _stemId
EntryVector _entries
DM::AddInfoHandle _transferInfo
DM::FilterHandle _filter

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from CustomOptionType< StemModel >
 ~CustomOptionType ()
 protected, must be derived from

Detailed Description

ModuleDBH creates this object for each input stem and attaches all corresponding model fits to it. Furthermore, some administrative information is stored:

  • stem ID of the input stem approximation;
  • optional pass through transfer attribute object that was provided by the user;
  • optional stem based filter object;

A StemModel object stores a vector of fitted stem objects.