IDBH Class Referenceabstract

Estimate the Diameter at Breast Height (DBH) based on 3D point cloud data (ODM). More...

#include "IDBH.hpp"

+ Inheritance diagram for IDBH:

Static Public Member Functions

static IDBHNew ()
static IDBHNew (IControlObject &controlObject)
static IDBHNew (const IModuleBase &parent)
static IDBHNew (const IModuleBase &parent, IControlObject &controlObject)

Access to module-specific options.

using Options = opts::DBH::Options
Optionsopts () override=0
const Optionsopts () const override=0

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from IModuleBase
virtual ~IModuleBase ()
 Make sure to delete instances after use with Delete()
virtual void Delete ()=0
 Destroy modules allocated on the heap. More...
virtual ParamList run (bool reset=false)=0
virtual void reset ()=0
 Resets the module to the state after construction.
virtual opals::String name () const =0
 Returns the module name.
virtual opals::String version () const =0
 Returns the module version.
virtual opals::String special_build () const =0
 Returns the special build version.
virtual opals::String compilation_date_time () const =0
 Returns a string representing the compilation date and time.
virtual void mapParams (const ParamList &paramList)=0
 Sets module parameters from paramList according to parameter "paramMapping".
virtual void set_controlObject (IControlObject &obj)=0
 Sets control object for retrieving status information during processing.
virtual void unset_controlObject ()=0
 remove control object from the message queue
virtual opts::glob::Optionsglobals ()=0
virtual const opts::glob::Optionsglobals () const =0
virtual opts::comm::Optionscommons ()=0
virtual const opts::comm::Optionscommons () const =0

Detailed Description

Estimate the Diameter at Breast Height (DBH) based on 3D point cloud data (ODM).

TODO: More details on opalsDBH with much more words, possibly on several lines.

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