opals::opts::DBH Namespace Reference

Options of Module DBH. More...


using Options = IGroup< Names::_, IValue< Names::inFile, false, Path >, IValue< Names::approxFile, false, Path >, IValue< Names::aFormat, false, String >, IValue< Names::filter, false, String >, IValue< Names::outFile, false, Path >, IValue< Names::weightFunc, false, String >, IValue< Names::geometryModel, false, DBHModel >, IValue< Names::patchLength, false, double >, IValue< Names::overlap, false, double >, IValue< Names::trace, false, Vector< bool > >, IValue< Names::searchRadius, false, Calculator< DM::ICalculator::ReadAccess::attributes, DM::ICalculator::WriteAccess::none > >, IValue< Names::outResults, true, Vector< StemModel > >, IValue< Names::byproduct, false, Path >, IValue< Names::tileSize, false, double > >
 Options of Module DBH.

Detailed Description

Options of Module DBH.