Detailed List of OPALS Package Scripts
Detailed list of package Scripts
Script Description Uses module Bounds to derive the planar outline of multiple point cloud files (ODM) This script exports a list of ODM strips into a single file or a set of output files. Uses module Grid to derive multiple raster model for multiple point cloud files (ODM) Script for importing multiple files into multiple ODMs (rather than one ODM if Module Import is directly used) Script for computing and plotting linear regressions. Computes the overlap of point cloud files by importing them into ODMs and deriving boundary outlines of each file. collection of utility functions helping to convert the output of Pix4DMapper into opalsStripAdjust inputs. set CRS and print out CRS information to or from ODM or GDAL dataset validate given CRS string and try fix whenever possible. print out fixed CRS Analyzes a Digital Terrain Model (distribution of elevation,slope, exposition, curvature and openness). Compute and print the confusion matrix for two (integer) attributes of the ODM. Classifies a list of point cloud files based on a given decision tree model. Trains a supervised decision tree based classification model. forBiomass calculates and validates parameters that can be used for estimating forest biomass. Calculates the crown coverage for a triplet of trees. Calculates a DSM for forested areas using the landcover dependent approach of Hollaus et al, 2010. Derives forest boundaries from topographic models (DTM, DSM, ...) based on a specific forest definition. Calculates statistical measures (mean,, ...) for the 100 highest points within specific AOIs. Detects single tree positions from topographic models (DTM, nDSM, etc.). Computes a best fitting affine transformation for overlapping (strip) DEMs using Least Squares Matching. Exports data considering previously computed transformations. python interface for packages.python.opalsForest Package script providing tools for geo-referencing and co-registration of ALS flight strips. Runs an ALS Simulation using Helios. Package script providing tools for preprocessing of ALS data. Package script providing a complete processing chain for quality assessment of ALS flight strips. Computes a set attributes for a list of point cloud files. Calculates the axes of the laser footprint on the target using a trigonometric approach. Cuts an ODM/Raster file using one or more polygons of a shape file. Performs a point cloud data check to secure validity and plausibility of input files. Detects and classifies outliers within a point cloud. Tesselates a (flight) block into tiles of equal size. Performs absolute accuracy checks for entire flight blocks w.r.t. to (ground) control points. Derives surface models, shaded relief maps, and color coded hypsometric maps for a set of ALS strips. Derives point density maps (color coded raster maps) for a set of ALS strips. Calculates best fitting 3d-affine transformations between overlapping strip pairs. Derives relative strip difference maps (color coded raster maps) for a set of overlapping strip pairs. Script to combine a height coloring with a hill shading.